We immerse fans in what they love

We immerse fans in what they love

We immerse fans in what they love

  • “The assignment was daunting and the challenge immense, to say the least. Supersphere overcame huge obstacles on this one and pushed the bars to new highs. The rig was seamless, the methodology perfect.”

    Jeff Cronenweth, Cinematographer
  •  “I couldn’t have asked for a better technical team to handle our ‘Timeless VR’ project. Working with Supersphere was a pleasure and I look forward to the next opportunity to do so.”

    John Canning, VP of Interactive Experiences, NBCUniversal
  • “The Supersphere team were light on their feet and worked effortlessly with us to deliver something that remains one of the more popular online VR experiences.”

    Jared Christensen, Head of Production, Stun Creative
  • “Geniuses.”

    Tony Kaye, Director
  •  “Their approach to producing a unique live music experience is unparalleled. From the moment they step on site their commitment to a high quality, well produced show while keeping it fun and friendly is a breath of fresh air.”

    Austin Bailey, Talent Buyer, Mohawk
  • “So innovative, it’s like a cyber dream.”

    Brandon Coleman, Keyboards, Kamasi Washington
  • “Supersphere resets the bar for an outside production company coming into broadcast/film.”

    Dan Jones, Production Manager, AEG Presents

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